Google Ads

(Pay Per Click)

Google Ads are an advertising tool where businesses creates and launches ads on the Google Search Result pages and Google Display Network.The ads are highly targeted in nature and they are delivered to audience based on the targeting like location, age, gender, demographics, interest etc.. Thus it gives us a better reach to our target audience.

Google Ads is a pay-per-click platform thus you pay for only what you get, meaning you are charged only when someone clicks on your ad. This strategy makes it extremely cost effective. The running of effectively optimized ads requires expertise and constant maximize lead generation and hence conversions.

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Website Visits

Attract more customers to your website for making purchases, bookings, mailing list sign ups etc.

More Phone Calls

Accelerate direct customer calls by click-to-call button in your ads.

Store Visits

Gain more footfall to your doorstep by triggering ads that help people find your business on map.

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We are exceptional in fetching out the maximum leads at the given budget. Google ads is a platform that can work for any budget cap thus we explore it to the most and bring out reliable results for you.


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What is PPC and how does it work?

PPC is Pay-Per-Click Advertising model where you pay for each click on your running ads.

When it comes to PPC, there are 3 main parties. Advertisers, the audience (or PPC network) and publishers. Advertisers are businesses or individuals who use PPC in order to promote their products and services. They pay the PPC network, to display their adverts on their network. Advertiser pay the bid amount for each click thus we call it pay-per-click,

Is pay per click effective?

Pay-Per-Click is extremely effective for businesses of all size.

  • It allows to generate leads and create brand awareness in your given budget. It is not only a strategy to generate instant leads but it also does branding for you in your audience, peers,influences, etc.
  • Also it is very cost effective, The cost per click varies from industries to industries, but at an average the CPC lies around Rs.50.

What is google ads?

Google Ads is a PPC advertising network by Google, previously known as Google Adwords.

How do companies manage the PPC campaigns?

PPC companies or digital marketing companies follow a rigorous regime to make the PPC campaign do well. The steps are more or less similar but the execution varies with their expertise.

  • Selecting Keywords that we want our ads tobe placed on
  • Creating landing page that might the best welcome page for the customer coming to you through the ads.
  • Writing and optimizing ads.
  • Tracking and Data analysis
Quality Optimization

The Google ads are optimized extravagantly to deliver best results at minimum investment.

A/B Testing and Monitoring

The ad set are always tested and the best performing ad is fueled and it is monitored constantly to increase efficiency of ads.